Russians who know Bitcoin are divided on the proposed crypto ban, polls have found


Sberbank’s call to ban cryptocurrencies is supported by 32% of Russians who know about Bitcoin As the debate about the future of digital currencies continues, the Russian Public Opinion Research Center (Vtsiom) has published a new study measuring the attitudes of Russian citizens towards crypto assets and their operations. It happens when authorities try to fix a country’s cryptographic space, not without disagreements between regulators. According to a survey, the majority of Russians (64%) have heard about Bitcoin and 17% have a good knowledge of cryptocurrencies. I don’t know anything about Bitcoin’s 11 decrease, up 4 percentage points compared to the 2017 survey data. It refers to only 19%. According to the Russian Cryptocurrency Economics, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Association (Racib), more than 17 million Russians own cryptocurrency wallets. Russians have invested 5 trillion rubles (more than $ 67 billion) in cryptography, Anatoly Axakov, chairman of the House Financial Markets Commission, announced in December. The growing popularity of cryptocurrencies has forced Moscow to take steps to regulate the market. Citing the threat to the country’s financial stability and the risks to its citizens, the Central Bank of Russia has proposed a total ban on various cryptocurrency activities such as the issuance, use, trading and mining of coins such as Bitcoin. The ban was opposed by other agencies, and the government reportedly set a roadmap to regulate the operation of cryptocurrencies rather than ban them.

As revealed in a poll conducted by Vtsiom, the same number of cryptocurrency-aware Russians are now supporting and opposed the idea of ​​a central bank (32 ch). A group of people of similar size, 33%, are indifferent to regulators’ attempts to ban crypto-related transactions. The majority of adolescents aged 18-24 and half of adolescents aged 25-34 do not agree with financial authorities. At the other end of the spectrum are over 60s, of which only 15% oppose the ban.
The annual volume of crypto trading by Russians has reached $ 5 billion, but the Central Bank of Russia estimates that 81% of respondents do not want to buy cryptocurrencies and 16% do. It states. More than half (56%) of survey participants still consider Bitcoin to be a bad investment, and one in five (22%) of respondents consider Bitcoin to be a good option. The majority of Russians familiar with
Bitcoin admit that neither they nor their loved ones have bought cryptocurrencies (74%). One-fifth of respondents said their relatives and friends bought Bitcoin (21%) and 4% bought their own cryptocurrencies. At the same time, more Russians (38%) believe it is difficult to steal cryptocurrency stashes, while those who believe in Fiat possession make up 27% more safely.


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