Top 5 Telecommunication Companies in Nigeria

Top 5 Telecommunication Companies
Top 5 Telecommunication Companies
  1. MTN is a trademark of MTN Group Limited. This is a South African mobile telephone communications company that has risen to become Nigeria’s leading mobile telephony operator. MTN controls approximately 40% of the Nigerian market.

The company is headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa, and operates in several countries, with Nigeria accounting for the majority of its revenue.

2. Globacom Mobile is number two.

Glo also has a fiber optic cable called the Glo 1 submarine cable that is laid beneath the Atlantic Ocean and connects Glo’s landing base to fiber optic connectivity from the United Kingdom to Nigeria. This is to provide low-cost high-speed internet services for distribution in Nigeria and other markets.


3. Airtel is third.

The majority of Nigerians did not purchase Airtel, but rather V Mobile, Celtel, or Zain. All of these are the names and identities that the company has adopted as it has passed from one owner to the next. The first mobile telecommunications company in Nigeria was called Airtel. It got off to a good start, but management issues have dogged the establishment.

4. 9 Mobile

The majority of people who use 9 Mobile today did not purchase it from 9 Mobile; they purchased it from Etisalat. Etisalat is a United Arab Emirates-based brand. Outside of its Arabian stronghold, the mobile network operator operates in a number of countries. It entered the Nigerian market with a lot of promise and quickly won Nigerians’ hearts with its generous bonus data offering.

However, Etisalat did not service the loan facility obtained from a consortium of nine Nigerian banks to finance its operations in Nigeria. The banks went to court and obtained an order allowing them to take over the company. 9 Mobile was born as a result of the subsequent rebranding.

5. Smile Nigeria

Smile Nigeria is a new mobile telephone network operator in Nigeria. The company also offers internet access and SMS short message service. Smile Nigeria also provides unlimited data plans, among other advantages to the Nigerian market.


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